Vision: Strengthening the heart of your business, and seeing brands soar - one marketing plan at a time

The values Markethub live by are as follows:

Markethub Good at what we do.

Genuinely good at what we do

The types of people who work for Markethub are friendly, approachable, and genuinely good at delivering marketing success.
Markethub Doing whats right.

Doing what is right

We will uphold our mana in everything we do, building relationships around trust. The marketing and fundraising service provided to clients is of a high, professional level. Markethub chooses to partner with organisations whose values align, and we are proud of the work we do.
Markethub happy staff means happy clients

Happy staff means happy clients

Flexible work hours deliver value to both staff and clients. We get to experience job satisfaction by still working in a profession we love, but still have time for life’s precious moments, such as being able to pick the kids up from school. This arrangement is great for our clients, as they are able to access experienced, qualified, well balanced and happy marketing and fundraising specialists at an affordable price, and in an arrangement that is tailored to suit them.
Markethub enjoying what  we do.

Enjoying what we do

Being creative is fun! We work hard, but still remember the importance of enjoying what we are doing, delivering creative solutions that fulfil our client’s needs. We believe that having fun in whatever you do, brings success.

Environmental Position

I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees. I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues – Dr. Seuss

Markethub has a committed environmental position. We are a small business with low overheads. The service provided has a relatively low environmental impact; but even so, we believe that we still have a role to play in protecting our precious environment. We have committed to taking a number of small steps that will help make a difference.

Environmental Initiatives
Favouring suppliers who have good environmental practices
Only printing what is necessary – conscious printing
Offering clients ethically sourced and environmentally friendly paper options in their promotions

Turning off lights and unused electronic equipment

Being paperless where possible, e.g. invoicing and receipting via email, sharing information with marketing specialist staff electronically rather than printing
Buying green office equipment where possible
Setting up recycling for paper and cardboard waste
Composting food waste